The Horror Movie Magazine You Can
Really Sink Your Teeth Into
Issue #6

Dr. Ackula's Diary  

Forrest J Ackerman

In rapid succession I have made half a dozen movie cameos, starting with Double-D Avengers (night watchman in a Museum of Horrors featuring Frankentein, Dracula & the Wolfman), Sadomanequin (Alabama), Silent Invasion (Canadian), Scarlet Moon (Vampire Master), Cosmic Brainsuckers (British with Ray Harryhausen and John Landis) Fatal Kiss (with Jas. Karen), Mad Scientist Meets the Queen of Darkness and Aries Knights (disembodied brain, British). My 102d cameo will be this week in Ruby with Wm. Shatner, first instalment of a 6-part TV series scripted by Shatner’s daughter, and soon I will be spending a week in revived studio Monogram’s sci-fi/horror spoof Close Encounters of the Turd Kind, introducing my discovery Gina Main as the star (I play a physician who analyzes corpses).

Recently in Alabama I played Dr, Correy in a live radio performance of Orson Welles’ dramatization of Curt Siodmak’s thrice-filmed classic, Donovan’s Brain.

As agent I have placed 10 sci-fi/fantasy novels in Romania, includng Dr. Cyclops, and am preparing an Ackermanthology for Italy.

Sense of Wonder Press has released the 75th Anniversary Edition of Metropolis, profusely stillustrated, by me; Lon of 1000 Faces! Second Edition, FJA; Rainbow Fantasia (FJA & Anne Hardin); Sci-Fi & FSY Ackerwomanthology (w/Pamela Keesey, soon); Sci-Fi of FJA & Friends (van Vogt, Sturgeon, Catherine Moore, Tigrina, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ray Bradbury & Manny Moore); Sci-Fi Monsters (Van Vogt collection by FJA); Famous Forry Fotos; Martianthology with Anne Hardin; and Imagi-Movie Platinum and several other books just around the corner. “Murder After Midnight,” a new Lon Chaney story by FJA will be featured in Platinum.

Brad Linaweaver & FJA took to the TV airways to celebrate the 75h Anniversary (10 Jan 1927) of the premiere showing of Metropolis in Berlin. Ackerman’s Metropolis Memorial room was featured.

* * *

Forrest J Ackerman is a regular on the Sci-Fi channel, edited and published Ray Bradbury’s first story in 1938, edited the seminal Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine for years, and has helped to inspire countless professional careers and garnered his fans’ lifelong admiration.

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